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Uniqueness in the Heart

of fashion

From emerging talent to style icon in Milan, Aida Tiara turns vision into reality. Born in 2020, our brand embodies the essence of exclusivity: each dress is created in limited quantities, ensuring that each dress is unique. With Aida Tiara, elegance meets uniqueness, ensuring that no woman will ever find herself wearing the same dress as another. Choose exclusivity. Choose Aida Tiara.


Matter of Style
Style is all that characterizes a person,
it's a way of saying who we are, without having to speak. It makes us unforgettable
over time, unique and special.
Fabric Selection
The history of clothing fabrics is as old as mankind. It is a universe of emotions.
Prototype Development
I define and give outline to ideas, transforming them into sewing pattern and prototypes.

Consulting Patternmaking
I follow the style project to give technical indications and advice on how to make it.
Accessories Coordination
Small, medium or large they are crucial for women. But they must always be
on a scale with what we are.
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